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About Us

South Korea Branch


As a subsidiary of W.H. Brennan in Singapore, Survitect Korea is able to draw on the  resources and expertise of W.H. Brennan Singapore and Survitec Group Limited. Ideally located at Busan in conformance with rigid local approvals and with contact points at the major ports, we provide quality marine life rafts re-certification and safety products.

SOLAS Liferaft
RFD, RFD-Toyo, DSB, Toyo, Elliot,
Crewsaver, Revere, Dunlop,
Beaufort, Eurovinil,  BF Goodrich

SOLAS Lifejacket / Lifevest /
Immersion Suit

Pains Wessex                                                    

Hydrostatic Release

First Aid Kit

Ration & Water
Seven Oceans                                   

Servicing of Lifejackets/Immersion suits

Servicing of Life rafts
RFD, RFD-Toyo, DSB, Toyo, Elliot,
Crewsaver, Revere, Dunlop,
Beaufort, BF Goodrich

Rental Service
RFD, RFD-Toyo, DSB, Toyo, Elliot

For more information on Marine Sales, please contact:-
Survitec Korea Co Ltd
116-2, Sambang-dong, Gimhae-si,
Gyeonsangnam-do, Korea 621-908
JY Jang | General Manager
Tel : +82 55 312 1036 
Fax: +82 55 313 1039