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Safelaunch Lifeboat Release System


Safelaunch Lifeboat Release System


The unintended or accidental deployment of release mechanisms has been pinpointed as the most common source of lifeboat accidents and incidents.

That is why we have developed Safelaunch – an 'on and off load' release system that fully conforms to SOLAS and the LSA code.

Built to withstand the harshest marine conditions, it overcomes factors known to contribute to premature release including unstable design, corrosion and over-complicated operating procedures.

And it does so thanks to a series of quality features:

  • UK manufacture with Marine Grade 316 corrosion-free stainless steel
  • simple lock and release system (improved cam pin eliminates critical tolerances)
  • failsafe locking pin used as a fall preventer device (FPD)
  • easily understood external visual status indicators: identify safe position of cam locking pin without entering the lifeboat.

The unique design is compatible with all existing davit-launched lifeboats up to 17 tonnes and can be installed from new – or retrofitted, to increase the operational safety of existing lifeboat systems. 

Safelaunch® has type approval from DNV and Lloyd’s Register, and has undergone a successful product design assessment from the American Bureau of Shipping.