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Advance Explosives Recognition

Advance Explosives Recognition


    A wide range of explosive simulants that replicate the most commonly used explosive materials - military, commercial and improvised.
    Our products precisely replicate actual explosives in color, texture, density and X-Ray and CT signature!
    This kit contains a wide range of explosive simulants and IED components. The simulants replicate the explosive materials most commonly used by terrorists – military, commercial and improvised. The kit also contains various types of detonators, as well as initiating systems for IEDs, fragmentation samples, batteries and a complete activation mechanism.
    This kit is designed for training bomb squads, military and police personnel, EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) teams, aviation security agents and employees of other law enforcement and security agencies. The kit allows the trainees to acquaint themselves with a wide range of explosive materials, detonators, initiating mechanisms and complete operating systems used in IEDs. The kit also enables conducting highly efficient training, using simulated IEDs that are as close as possible to the “real thing”, in commercial environments (classrooms, airports, public locations).


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