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G1000 Smoke Density Monitor

G1000 Smoke Density Monitor
Green Instruments


    Green Instruments' opacity monitor - the G1000 Smoke Density Monitor - is used to monitor smoke emissions from all kinds of combustion and the soot contamination of inert gas. The G1000 opacity monitor provides a prompt response to smoke and dust regardless of weather conditions and ambient light. It is well suited to check smoke emissions from for example diesel engines, incinerators, and boilers.
    The system is well suited to resist the heat and vibrations in and around smoke stacks and its robustness combined with high flexibility means that the system can be installed in very diverse settings. Overall, the G1000 opacity monitor requires low maintenance and it is easy to keep clean with purge air.

    Installing a G1000 opacity monitor will help you check and document compliance with environmental standards and contribute positively to your image as an environmentally responsible company. Furthermore, controlling combustion will also help detect malfunctions at an early stage and thus optimize operation and maintenance.
    • Avoid image damaging black smoke
    • Avoid investigations,fines,and delays
    • Satisfy EPA and other authorities
    • Documentation compliant with Visible Smoke Control Area regulation
    • For combustion monitoring and optimization
    • In-situ and real-time measurement
    • Simple auditing
    • Durable and robust design
    • Temperature and vibration resistant optic heads
    • Two freely configuarble alarm relays
    • Analog output signal (4...20 mA or 0...10 V)
    • Cost effective
    • Easy to install – easy to configure
    • Low maintenance
Technical Specifications

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