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MD67ROT Rate Of Turn Indicator

MD67ROT Rate Of Turn Indicator
Marine Data Systems



    The MD67ROT from MARINE DATA is a watertight, IP67-rated, NMEA-based Rate of Turn Indicator. It provides a clear and easy to read 120mm diameter analogue display graduated in 1° per minute increments up to a maximum of 35° per minute to PORT or STARBOARD. Housed in a robust, compact aluminium enclosure for external or internal use, it is ideal for any vessel.

    The MD67ROT has a tough polycarbonate faceplate which is user-replaceable and a rotary encoder control for varying the background and pointer illumination. Compact and rugged, the MD67ROT offers a Rudder Angle Indicator solution for locations where the available space is limited and may be either bulkhead or panel mounted. Finished in jet black to complement other marine navigation equipment. The MD67ROT from MARINE DATA: flexible in application, easy to install and simple to maintain.

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    • IP67 Watertight Marinised Rate of Turn Indicator
    • Traditional Marine Compass Card Display
    • NMEA Digital Input
    • User-Replaceable Faceplate
    • Automatic Baud Rate Detection
    • Rotary Dimmer with Push Control
    • Local and Remote Dimming Control
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