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Model SS2-AH

Model SS2-AH
Fire Sentry



    The Model SS2-AH and SS2-AHL represent the world’s pre-eminent UV/IR technology for Sodium Azide Electro-Optical Fire and Flame Detectors with thousands successfully operating in a multitude of Air bag manufacturing installations worldwide. This Multi-Spectrum Detector senses radiant energy in the Ultraviolet (UV), Visible and Wide Band Infrared™ (WBIR) spectrum. The radiant energy from Sodium Azide fires will alert the detector to their presence.

    • Multi-Spectrum senses Ultraviolet, Visible and Wide Band Infrared™.
    • Specifically designed for the Automotive Air Bag manufacturing industry.
    • Wide field-of-view.
    • Microprocessor based algorithms: FirePic™ and,
    • Tri-Mode Plot™.
    • Wide temperature range of operation.
    • Explosion Proof housing.
    • FS2000™ System compatible or stand alone operation.
    • Compatible with approved fire alarm panels.
    • Super Ultra-High Speed response to Sodium Azide fires.
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